Five key milestones to financial well-being


Protect Your Assets

Working together to put a strategy in place to protect everything critical to the wealth creation process; from your human capital to your assets and income. This is to ensure that everything you’ve worked hard to build up is protected.

Five key milestones to financial well-being

A Unique Integrated Wealth Management Strategy

Before we became Fisher Dugmore
we had journeys of our own.

Andrew Dugmore & Associates became independent in 1988 when Andrew Dugmore started out as an Independent Financial Advisor. The FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services) Act 37 of 2002 was brought into being by the Financial Services Board with the purpose of regulating the Industry, for the protection of consumers. Andrew Dugmore & Associates was the first company registered with the FSB under license number 0001.

DFB Financial Advisory Services was established by Dave Fisher in 1992, out of his belief in the value of independent financial advice. In keeping with international trends, they evolved from being insurance brokers in 1992, to becoming Financial Planners. From there they grew into a dynamic team of 20 people.

Fisher Dugmore Financial and its subsidiaries are accredited with the following Regulatory Bodies and Organisations:

  • The Financial Intermediary Association (FIA)
  • The Financial Planning Institute (FPI)
  • The Association of Professional Financial Planners
  • The Council of Medical Schemes (CMS)
  • Financial Services Board (FSB)